The Picklin’ Vixens is a brand started by #QueenVixen, Ashley Waterson, inspired by a group of bad-ass pickleball playing women. What started as a few women and the name of their text thread, has launched a movement of women (and the men who “mix with vix”) dedicated to supporting and empowering other women both on and off the court.

All proceeds from Picklin’ Vixens merchandise sales will go towards making it possible for more girls to unlock their power and potential by empowering them with transformational skills that impact their future. Each year over 200,000 girls, from coast to coast, experience the only physical activity-based positive youth development (PA-PYD) program with compelling evidence of impact. Please join us in inspiring, encouraging, and strengthening confidence in the next generation of women through this mission!

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"Girls on the Run is honored to have the support of Picklin' Vixens, a company that understands the positive power of sport in our lives and communities. Like Girls on the Run, the Vixens value accomplishment, joy, confidence, self-worth and community that result from playing all sports...whether it's pickleball, running or something else. Girls on the Run builds these very same characteristics in pre-teen girls through our 8-week empowerment programs. The partnership between GOTRLA and Picklin' Vixens represents a collaborative community dedicated to strong, powerful women & girls, and those who support them."

Molly Snow

Girls on the Run of Los Angeles County, Executive Director

“Picklin’ Vixens is a brand worth supporting! It represents women empowerment and cares about creating connections within the pickleball community. I was so happy to find out that Picklin’ Vixens existed, as we need more visibility to female pickleball players. We are a powerful and simply beautiful force out on the courts.”

Trinh Nguyen


"Ashley and Picklin’ Vixens are such a welcomed business in the Pickleball community! When we first connected on social media, I was so excited to see her cute logo and, more importantly, what her logo meant! But don’t let that cute little vixen logo fool you! Women empowering each other is what that little vixen stands for! Ashley makes you want to go be the best you that you can be with her inspiring and fun posts and by showcasing women who are empowering themselves on and off the pickleball courts! Thank you Ashley for being a much-needed influencer and friend for women everywhere!"

Remi Smith

Pickle Connect, CEO
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